United Services is an accredited ISO 14001 company, leading UK environmental change throughout our products and services. We understand how important it is to do everything possible to lessen the impact on our environment and so we have developed a range of eco-friendly solutions.

The wide range of wiper, floorcare and hygiene solutions is specifically designed to cut landfill by a massive 100% which in turn helps to reduce water usage and lessen the strain on our rainforests by reducing carbon emissions. All of our suppliers are either ISO 14001 accredited or have an audited environmental management system in place.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Our laundered wipers are manufactured from 100% recycled cotton and the yarn is sourced from Italy. Local European sourcing of materials provides a huge benefit in reducing the carbon footprint when drawing a comparison to the norm which is the USA, Far East and Asia.

United Services also offer a same day delivery and collection service which reduces fuel emissions and also our carbon footprint. Our fleet of vehicles also conform to the requirements of low emission zones through new technology engines that use less fuel.

Saving Water

Our laundry site has been specially chosen for a number of different reasons. During the laundry process, 100% of the water used is recycled, resulting in zero % water wastage. None of the water used is discharged into the sewer which aids in water reduction and also the added benefit of assisting the ISO 14001 accreditation.

Reducing levels of Waste

Throughout our business we aim to reduce the waste channels wherever we can. Our laundered products completely eliminate the need for incineration, which in turn also reduces costs. The residue extracted during the laundry process and the steam created is also collected and converted back into energy.

We pride our Eco-Containers on their zero waste to landfill guarantee as each of our containers is loose filled with zero packaging. Our Eco-Containers are also fully recyclable and turned back into plastic at the end of their life, which means a continuous and renewable life span. The lifetime and use of our Eco-Containers is the equivalent to 7500 plastic bin bags to landfill – resulting in both cost and waste reduction.